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If you’re looking to elope in Sedona, Arizona but you’re not entirely sure how or where then you’ve come to the right place. I am an Arizona Elopement Photographer who has had a plethora of couples come searching for the perfect Airbnb for their Sedona elopement. They are wanting the work and trying to choose […]

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How To Choose An Airbnb In Sedona, Arizona

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This starry Sedona elopement was pretty unique, because these two were already married. To make things easier, they decided to get married at a courthouse in Ohio and came to Arizona to capture some adventure images, since they didn’t get any photos of their “actual” wedding. Getting Ready Christopher Bullock came up to Sedona and […]

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Starry Sedona Elopement

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This Sedona off-road elopement has been one of my all-time favorites. Sarah and Steven technically met on a dating app. But on one of their first dates, they discovered they both loved the band Blink 182. They soon learned that they had even been to the same concert on the same day. And they were […]

Elopements, Sedona

Sedona Off-Road Elopement

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Sedona Elopement Elopements are an intimate experience. It’s about the union of two souls that are becoming one, and honestly nothing else. It doesn’t have to go exactly as planned, yet it all aligns perfect how it’s meant to be. Its personal, pure, and just really real.??  Tiffany and Travis, eloped in Sedona, Arizona on […]


Tiffany + Travis

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